Dearest Friends,
Late Thursday afternoon we went to a village that was described to us as a place of fanatics. Many radical Islamic groups have come from this place. The Sheikhs in the Mosques preach agressively against Christians.
Still, there was a group of Muslim ladies who are part of a woman’s association who have many times invited our friends to come and talk about Jesus. You may think that we are brave, but it is these dear ladies who are heroes. They live in this village. They hunger for truth. After the program, one lady came up to Padraig and asked,"Was what you said really true?" Padraig told her yes and she smiled.
Please pray for all of the 200 plus Muslim children and women who heard about Jesus today. The children loved the program as did many of the teachers. They thanked us profusely after the show.
However, when we said the name of Jesus, a real chill came over the place. We all felt it, but we were allowed to finish every part of the program. Pray that they will talk to Jesus! Please pray for the safety and protection of all these ladies!

Today, Friday, we visited 2 Catholic schools and were warmly welcomed by the nuns. The nuns led the children twice in wild applause when I told the story of Jesus calming the storm. They were so caught up in the story. Even the priest was smiling throughout the program and encouraged us to come again. He said that he wanted to copy my teaching techniques.
This school is a wonderful ministry opportunity because the school was full of Muslim children. Many of the other children were from a christian tradition, but knew nothing of real faith. Today, many began the adventure of following Jesus, Praise Him!

In Jesus,
Linda for
Padraig and Jared