Dearest Friends,


Late in the day, we did a show at an orphanage filled with beautiful little girls. I explained to them God’s wonderful rescue plan. I told them all about Jesus Christ and how He could meet every need and solve every problem. I asked them a question that I often ask children. “Do you need a Father?” Then, I explained how God could become their Father. Many found their Father as they called on Jesus to save them.

This was a very special time for all of us. The children welcomed us with a beautiful song, thanking us for bringing God’s love to them. Then they put beautiful garlands of jasmine flowers around our necks. They were so long that they hung down to our knees and each had a beautiful red rose tied to the end. We smelled much better too.

Afterwards, we were invited to share a meal with the children.All the children wanted to talk with us. They are so precious. Please pray that the Father will grow their faith. Pray that they will walk in forgiveness as they have much to forgive.


Kerala has many elephants, so I am learning lots about them. When an elephant looks at us, we seem big to him because of the way his eyes work. They magnify our image so that we look much bigger to him. Sometimes, when I look at the problems that I am trying to sort on a trip, I think that I have elephant eyes. I see the problems as bigger.

When I look at the same problems with my Father’s eyes, they never seem so big. Each day, we see God sort so many details. Pray that we will not look at problems with elephant eyes, but with our Father’s eyes.


Some people in this place who are from a Christian tradition were concerned about the threat of persecution. They forgot that our safety is not in our hands. Actually, their fear did not surprise me because they themselves often struggle with the truth in Scripture. They built a number of clear, tower-shaped small buildings. On the top level is the statue of a Hindu god and on the bottom is a picture of Mecca. In the center is a statue of Jesus. The tower makes the statement that we are all one. This is a terrible lie. Often, I quote to the children John 14:6 where Jesus says that He is the way, the truth and the life. Jesus states clearly that no man comes to the Father except through Him. All other paths are lies. Please pray for courage for the believers here as they must often face persecution.

Recently, some believers were beaten. Others have had worse experiences. This is a difficult place to be a believer. Please pray for courage and truth. Tonight we did a street show, details will follow shortly. Tomorrow we will travel a long distance to do a show in a school. Please pray.

In Jesus,
Linda for
Padraig, Anna and Sam