Dearest Friends,


It takes a long time to reach Ottapalam. We passed two elephants standing in a field, one elephant in a truck, three lime green mosques, more buses than I could count, and were delayed by a train. When we arrived at the school, they brought us freshly opened coconuts with a straw inside for drinking the coconut juice. It was delicious!

Over 200 children crowded into the room to watch the program with their teachers. It was a Christian school, so we had total freedom to share, and the school was full of Hindu children. So many children prayed, loudly and clearly. More, I was mobbed after the show by the children as they all wanted to thank me, to touch me, to smile at me. We all had the best time and are so grateful for this sweet opportunity. Please continue to pray for these children, asking the Father to give them deep faith.


We had the sweetest time in this village. The law in this state does not permit us to set up in a public area, so we set up in a family’s front yard. The entire area was covered with brightly patterned giant cloths that formed a big tent. They set up dozens of red plastic chairs and so many adults, children and teenagers came.

Half of the crowd were not believers and were from a Hindu background. Walking into a church is very difficult for them, but sitting in a neighbor’s yard and watching a puppet show felt safe. I could hear two sweet little voices bravely praying out loud, putting their trust in Jesus. More , the family that gave us this wonderful privilege had just buried their mother this week. She really loved the Lord and they wanted to honor her memory by continuing with the planned outreach. I loved their heart!

The adults loved the program as much as the children. They were amazed at Sam’s juggling, Anna’s musical talents with her flute, and Padraig’s bubble trick. They thanked us as much as the children. How precious to stand in such a dark place and be light. Praise God!


Each day we climb to the top floor of the Rehoboth Bible school and teach. We teach in an open area where we enjoy the breeze and look out on the treetops. Our students are eager to learn and it is a pleasure to teach them. Please pray every day for these students! They are our hope for reaching the children in this part of India for Jesus. Actually, as they graduate and return to their homes across India and even into Burma, we pray that they will use these ideas and skills to reach even more children with God’s love.
Our next trip is to Nepal. We will train and equip a team there. If you have a heart to reach the people of Nepal for Christ, please contact me about adopting this project.

In Jesus,
Linda for
Padraig, Sam and Anna