Dearest Friends,


This is the name of a very poor village where we did a puppet show. It is made up of 300 families and among them, there are only 10 believers. We set up our stage in their front yard. They live in a small 2-room house with a dirt floor. I don’t really think it is possible to describe to those of you in the West how poor most of the people that we are working with are.

This dear Christian family put all of their chairs out in the dirt yard. There were four. We asked for a table for the storytelling supplies. They did not own a table. The only other piece of furniture was a metal bed. They put their mattress on the floor and carried the bed out the door for us to use. I was so touched by their total commitment to our ministry with the children.

When we finished the program, they had made some food for us. They have nothing but they were concerned for us. We heard so many children call on Jesus today. They are all from Hindu families and most live in homes where drinking is a big problem. The children suffer from poverty and alcoholism. They suffer more from the lies of idol worship that Hinduism fosters.

Please pray for these dear children. Each week, friends travel there to do a Sunday School program for 50 or 60 children. They are hungry to hear about Jesus. They want to be loved. Pray!


Tomorrow, we leave for Tirupatur, another city in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is a spiritually dark place, full of idols and precious few Christians. We are scheduled to do 15 shows in the next three days. It is hot. This will be a difficult time, but a very blessed one.

You may not hear from us for the next three days. I have had very poor service on my phone with respect to data. We will write every day but you may not receive our letters until Thursday.

Please pray for us. We can only stand in the dark if you kneel.

In Jesus,
Linda for
Pádraig, Anna and Sam