Dearest Friends,


We visited a boys’ orphanage that made me both sad and happy. I was so sad to see the way the boys live. Their home was poorly kept and had a lonely feeling. In a land that bursts with color, this place seemed drab and gray. Whereas Rehoboth Orphanage is so full of love and light, this place was dark and felt devoid of love. Even the children’s clothes looked dull and gray. This place broke my heart.

The place was bad, but the boys were precious. They rushed to greet us when we arrived. Their smiles lit the darkness. The boys loved the program and we added all kinds of extra things to the show. We wanted to do all that we could do for the boys. We wanted the light to last for them as long as possible.

Please pray for these boys. Our friends are praying for a couple to come and be the family that these boys desperately need. They need someone to make the place they stay into a proper home.

Finally, when we had to leave, they sang two songs to thank us for coming. They are 36 dear little boys who ache to be loved. Please pray that they will be safe while our friends search for the right people to work there. Recently, there have been some problems. Please pray for the boys’ protection.

Most of all, please pray that these boys fall deeply in love with Jesus. He is the only One who will never fail them.


Nandini is a beautiful young woman with long velvet black hair. She works on the third floor in the clothing section of a market in Thrissur in the state of Kerala. She is Hindu. I met her as I shopped for fabric to make some things that we needed for the puppets. I believe that God drew her to us. I needed some special fabrics to use telling the story of Joseph. God opened a door for me to tell Nandini the story of Joseph. She loved it! I spoke to her about how God took care of Joseph and wanted to take care of her. I explained about Jesus’ life, death and sacrifice on the cross.

Her face filled with longing as I spoke to her. She asked my name. Then she said, “I like Linda very much.” My friends, Sarah and Elvira, promised to return to the shop and talk with her more about Jesus. Please hold Nandini in your prayers. She lives in a town famous for its temples. In other words, the dark surrounds her. Pray for Nandini to discover the Lord of Light.


We finished our time in Kerala blessed with so many gifts. Our students wanted to thank us for the instruction and ministry tools that we gave them. They did an entire puppet show for us. It was unbelievable!

We concluded our last class at 1pm and by 5.30 they had put together an entire program. One of the young people told a story and drew pictures, just like I do. They sang songs with the puppets and even did the bubble trick. I have never seen young people attend training and so quickly grasp all of the ideas. We are all blessed and thrilled by the students at Rehoboth Theological Institute.

Their greatest gift to us was their willingness to learn how to share Christ with children. However, they also blessed us with personal remembrances. Dharmaraj translated for me and gave me his bag that he always used for ministry. I was so honored! Pádraig received handmade pointed shoes and a dhoti. This is probably not spelled right, but it is a long piece of cloth that a man wraps around his waist. To a Westerner, it looks like a skirt, long or short depending on how you adjust it. Anna received Indian flutes and Sam was given elephants. There were many more gifts! I was “crowned” with a wonderful Indian hat.

These young people are dear and self-sacrificing. It gives me joy when I think of each one. Please continue to pray for them and their new puppet team. They will be called “Love Puppets”.

In Jesus,
Linda for
Pádraig, Sam and Anna