Dearest Friends,

In the last three days in Tirupattur, we have told over 6,000 children about Jesus Christ. God is gracious!


We began our time in Tirupattur at a government school full of Hindu children. In fact, every place that we go here is full of Hindu children. They loved the puppets so much that they started to applaud in the middle of the song. This gave us a very receptive group for the Gospel. How amazing it is that God opened a door for us at a Hindu school! Always, I remember that God can open any door.


Most people anticipate retirement as an opportunity to spend their time and energies on their own pleasures. The principal of this small village school is a retired teacher who is spending his retirement and energy to build a school for the village children. He is using his own money to provide them an education. More, he loves Jesus and he is sharing Jesus’ love with hundreds of Hindu children.

He honored Sam and I by giving each of us a beautiful white shawl edged with gold thread. He also encouraged the teachers to learn from us, to watch how we worked with the children. Afterwards, I had a very special opportunity to talk to the teachers and share my testimony. It was a sweet and precious time.

Children trusted in Jesus at this school. Our friend named the school after Daniel to give them courage. Pray that they will find their strength and courage at the cross.


Last year and this year, a young Hindu man named Ravi drove for us. We ache for him to find his hope in Jesus. Always he is kind to us and helps us. He has now heard 13 Gospel presentations plus many other conversations about Jesus.

I asked him which program he enjoyed the most. He told us that he especially liked the one where we asked him to run the video camera. I wanted to know why he chose that one. Ravi told us that at that one he especially listened and he really liked the story.

Coming to faith is not an easy decision when your entire family and all your friends are Hindu. Pray for him today and keep praying for him.

In Jesus,
Linda for
Padraig, Anna and Sam