Dearest Friends,


Jothni Mangalam is the name of a village in the Tirupatur region where we did our last show. The village’s name means light and joy. We spent a very sweet evening seeking to bring true light and joy to this dark place. The area is full of temples to false gods but God has kindly placed a light in this place. A former student that we met at Asian Christian Academy is now planting a church in that place.

Samraj has a church full of children. All of them came to the puppet show. Many older people came and sat on the ground with the children. A huge crowd of ladies stood behind them. Dozens more stopped beside the road and stayed for the whole show. Everyone listened and laughed and so many heard about Jesus.

Most of these dear people are the poorest of the poor. They are Hindu. A precious few believe in Jesus. Many work rolling cigarettes and receive less than a dollar for a day’s wages. This is not enough to live on and there is much hunger and suffering. Though the caste system has long been outlawed in India, they are part of the lowest group, the Dalits. Life is very difficult for them so they are very open to the Gospel. Poor people are always hungry to hear about Jesus. This has always been true and will always be true.

Land has been given for a church there and soon it will be built. Pray for these dear people to discover the joy and light that Jesus gives! Pray for Samraj to have wisdom and grace. Rejoice that he is a humble man who is truly a bright light for the King.


1. At an orphanage high in the Yelagiri hills, we heard so many children loudly asking Jesus to be their Savior. Praise God!
2. One grown man began to pray at a show and the children followed him.
3. Today alone, we shared with over 1,500 children and teachers. Most were Hindu. Hundreds prayed. Who is so blessed? I marvel at God’s kindness to us.
4. At a very expensive private school, a Hindu teacher thanked us for the program. She said we had touched her heart and the hearts of the children. Please pray for her to walk openly with Jesus.
5. Many times the children clap when Jesus walks on water or calms the storm. They get so caught up in the story I tell that they look, trying to see Jesus as though he is coming down the road. Sometimes, they think that He is at the back of the crowd. I always pray, asking God to make His stories alive. Again, He is gracious.

In Jesus,
Linda for
Padraig, Anna and Sam