Dearest Friends,


Very, very late tonight, Saturday, we will travel to the airport. I will arrive home Sunday afternoon. Please pray us safe home.


In one area, we were given permission to go to a government school. The principal was a believer and risked much so that the children could hear about Jesus Christ. As we began, government officials arrived to check on us. I began to pray, asking God not to let them hear our words so that they would say the program was okay and leave. They did not stop us and so we saw God answer our prayers.

The school was right beside a Hindu temple. I could look out the window and see the men giving the gods a fresh coat of paint. We were also told that we could not say Jesus’ name too often. We called Him the Great Teacher, but we also used Jesus’ name. We were simply wise when we said it. Though they would not let us pray with the children, we were allowed to explain how they could ask God to forgive them. We told them how to pray, asking Jesus to be their Savior. The children heard all about God’s wonderful rescue plan for them. Keep praying for these children.


One day, we passed a god shop. They were making the different idols and even had a few samples painted for display. I kept thinking, “if you can bargain for the price of your god, how much of a god is he or she?” It seems to us that all of the stories of the Old Testament about idol worshippers are more real to us. Seeing all of this makes me want to do one thing. I want to pray with passion that the one true God will remove this evil from India. Ask the Lord to show the Indian people the truth.


There are so many places that we have been that we have not been able to write about. I hope that you will take some time to look at the children’s faces in the pictures we posted. Share our joy. Praise God for the thousands of children that we have heard calling on Jesus! Thank you for praying! Thank you for giving to the children of India.


We visited a wonderful place where the children had been waiting for us for hours. The children were being blessed by the ministry of Compassion International. They were so precious, so happy that we came. They had even prepared a special dance to thank us. Also, they gave each of us giant gold garlands strung with sandalwood beads. It was a sweet gift and will make a lovely story.

Their greatest gift to us was that they gave us lots of time with the children. We told them about Jesus and His great love for them. Please continue to pray for these little ones. They are a tribal people in a very remote area.


Hanson is a dear young man that I met years ago when I began working at Asian Christian Academy. Now he teaches there. He sets our schedule for us every year, translates for programs, and organizes so many details. Best of all, he has a heart for the children. I love him like a son! Please pray for Hanson, his wife Jocelyn and their little Amy. Ask the Father to richly bless them with many opportunities to serve Jesus.

Sam, Padraig and Anna have been the biggest blessing to so many. No matter how tired they were, they always leaned on Jesus and trusted Him to give them strength. God has used them to share with an ocean of children. More, they have been a real joy to share this adventure with in India. Hold them in your prayers, asking the Father to open more doors for them to tell the children about Jesus.

Stephen drives for us when we are at ACA, but he does so much more. He helps us pack and unpack, set up and take down everything, and does puppets. He has become our partner in ministry. Please pray for Stephen, his wife Jeba and their daughter Astrina. Ask the Father to grow their faith deep and strong so that they can be a bigger blessing.

Every adventure that you have read about happened because of the lifelong ministry of Dr. Joy and Leela George. He serves as the President of ACA and has been used by God to open all the doors we have walked through in India. Please visit their website and learn about their ministry. Hold them and this ministry in your prayers.

I personally praise God for every one of these dear and faithful friends.

In Jesus,
Linda for
Pádraig, Sam and An