Dearest Friends,


It is very unusual for a team to grab the ideas so quickly and begin ministry immediately. Usually, teams take a couple of weeks or more to start. Our new team in Kerala, India just sent me an amazing report. I believe that the extra class time that we had together, combined with the entire class attending 2 puppet shows for children really helped them to grasp the skills quicker. These opportunities gave them clear vision. More, 2 of our former students at ACA are their professors. They have been great encouragement! Please rejoice as you read the report that they sent. Their thank you belongs to all of you who prayed and gave to send us to India.


"On Saturday the Love Puppets team went out to their first shows in Palakad (about 2 hours drive away). These are places where a previous student of Rehoboth Theological Institute has contacts in. They went to two small villages. All the people gathered around to see the show and were all enjoying it. An older lady in one village was laughing really loud and thought that the puppets were really real. But then she came around the back of the puppet stage during the song and said, "Now I understand!". The great news is that three children gave their lives to Jesus on Saturday. The team returned home rejoicing that night.

Darmaraj and Siby also spoke at our two school awards programmes on Friday. Our theme was "Dream the impossible". They talked about how God used a man who could not speak well to talk to Pharoah and part the red sea. All the parents and children listened well.

We had a massive thunder storm last Tuesday night. After ten minutes the bangalow building and the building you were in were both hit by lightning. We were grateful that no one was hurt. The power went out straight away and we didn’t have any power for the rest of the night. I checked the circuit board to make sure nothing was on fire. In the morning we saw that the main damage was to the telephone wires. The walls where the telephone wire boxes are were burnt and the box covers had been flung across the room. Unfortunately three of the office computers were plugged into the internet, so they are badly damaged and a speaker system.. We are so thankful to God that no one was talking on the phone at that time and that everyone was kept safe. People aren’t replaceable!

Thank you for equiping the RTI students with such a powerful tool for sharing the good news. You have been such a blessing to us here."


I am home and I am leaving on Wednesday to share at a mission conference at Grace Evangelical in St. Joseph. Please hold this time in your prayers. Do not worry. I have a driver. Please ask the Father to put His words in my mouth.

IN Jesus,LInda