While in India in February, a friend told me an amazing story about Nepal. He said that he was sharing with a guy from Nepal. The young man had never heard about Jesus Christ. He asked my friend when had Jesus come to earth. My friend told him that it was about 2000 years ago. The young man stared at him and asked a haunting Question. He said, “”Why did you take so long to tell my people?” This question will not leave my heart. God has poured His Spirit on this memory and burned in my heart a desire to share with the children of Nepal. Please pray for this special opportunity.

Less than half of 1 per cent of the people in Nepal claim Jesus. Most are Hindu and there are some Buddhists and Muslims. The children need light and hope…only Jesus can give these precious gifts!

While in India, I picked up some parasites that made me quite ill. The last 3 weeks have been interesting, but a great blessing. Please pray for strength. As I remember my time in India, I have all joy! We saw such wonders and I love India!!


We have such hard working teams in these 2 countries and they need your constant prayers. One of our Liberian teams recently shared at programs that Franklin Graham was doing in Liberia. They work so hard, in very difficult places. They have passion for Jesus that challenges my heart.


Our Brazilian Directors, Fabiana and Gerson Simioni, recently welcomed twin daughters. Please pray that Loretta and Laura will come to faith eary and love Jesus with all their heart! You can support their wonderful ministry in Brazil through their American mission board at 1-800-call-PEF. Pray!


In June, we will have the joy of traveling to Peru to work with precious friends there. Please begin to pray for this adventure. Also, rejoice for all the speaking opportunities that the Lord gave me in the mid-west, on both coasts of Florida, and ll over Georgia. Despite being ill, the Lord blessed us with many opportunities. This last week , we did 4 shows and heard children calling on Jesus. Rejoice!

If you want me to share about the children at your church, please contact me by email. You will love hearing the reports of God’s goodness as He reveals Himself to the children of the world.

In Jesus, Linda for both Sam and I