Dearest friends,

A Street Show

There is something very special about doing a puppet show in a grassy field beside a dirt road. So many children crowded close to the stage and just as many adults joined the crowd. Most were not believers. They were equally divided between Buddhists and Hindus, what an amazing opportunity the Father gave us! It is so precious to be light in the dark.

I had a special opportunity to talk with a group of mothers and grandmothers after the program. I shared my story of faith as a wife, mother and grandmother. God was kind. The ladies really listened and one said that she wished she could speak English so that she could really talk to me. I began to tell them about heaven, its wonders and how if they trusted Jesus, we would all be together in heaven. Then, I told them that in heaven, we could all understand each other. I eagerly look forward to that day. Pray with me that these ladies and children will trust in Jesus.

The Drum

We are doing many programs at orphanages. Many of the Pastors that we work with run an orphanage out of their home in addition to pastoring a church. Today the children from one orphanage sang for us in their language and in English. Both songs were praises to God.

A little boy named Raj Kumal played a traditional drum. It is about 18 inches tall and oblong in shape. He sat on the ground, crossed his legs, and used a strap to hold the drum in place. Raj drummed and everyone else sang. It was a beautiful gift!

My Favorite Show

Each day, we are very busy and very blessed. Each opportunity is special, but the second of three programs today really stood out in our hearts, Tik Ram and I both agreed that we felt a sweet outpouring of Gods Holy Spirit as we told the story of Joseph. We finished and heard so many children calling on Jesus. Praise God!

Prayer Needs

Please pray for us as we travel to a rural area tomorrow. Ask the Lord to call the children that we will meet to Faith. Please continue to pray for Sam and I and the young men from Nepal that are our partners in this work. It is very hot here and there are lots of mosquitos. I think I am the flavour of the month.

Mostly, there is just so much need. We see and meet so many hurting, broken people. Please ask the Father to make all of us bright lights for the Kingdom.

In Jesus,

Linda for the team