Dearest Friends,

The Caste System

People in Nepal are born into a certain group and with that birth right there are certain expectations and limitations. Your birth can determine your success in life, whether or not you get a good education or can try for good jobs. You divide everyone you meet into these categories. You think of yourself as more or less valued depending on if you are a higher or lower caste. It is an evil system that the Lord Jesus Christ and His teachings condemn.

Today, a little boy of about 11 came to see me after the show. He asked me what caste I was in. Immediately, I knew that he was in a higher caste because no one with a lower rating would ever ask.

This is what I said to him, “I am from America and we do not have the caste system there. However, it doesn’t matter. I don’t believe in it.” Immediately I had a crowd.

My translator, Tik Ram and I explained to the children how God values every life, how He sees all of us as having great value. I told the children how Jesus died for all, not just a special few. I explained what Jesus does for us and how His gifts are freely offered to all.

I concluded by telling the children that always I want to see people with God’s eyes. Please pray for this arrogant little boy who is sadly not so different from you and me. Please pray that the Father’s love will consume us and change us as we tell hundreds and hundreds of children each day about the one true God and His Son Jesus Christ. Many are hearing for the first time, but will be faithfully told about Jesus again and again by a large group of Christians that are working with us.

The Cost

Everything has a price. People who say otherwise are people that I do not perceive as wise or truthful. There is a cost to working in Nepal that is far beyond the price of tickets, the visas, or the equipment that we will give them.

It is hot here and often our shows are in full sun, but then there is seldom enough shade for any or all of the children. Our friends are doing a terrific job in ministry and in caring for us, but some problems cannot be solved without the comforts that electricity offers. The power is mostly off here.

At night, we rest in a lovely quiet place and God restores us. They have a generator so we are able to charge the PA and be very comfortable. I am often reminded that His strength is sufficient for each day. By the time we finish, I have nothing left, but then I don’t need anything else.

Many children are learning about Jesus Christ for the first time. Sam and I are also learning, as this trip teaches us to lean more on our Father. We are in the best hands and full of joy. Today, so many little ones prayed out loud with us asking Jesus to be their Savior. Our friends are very excited about the ministry and are eager to learn. This joy is worth whatever price our sweet Lord asks. Rejoice and continue to pray for the children of Nepal. Pray for those who will accept these tools and begin their own adventure sharing Jesus with the children.

In Jesus,

Linda for the team