Dearest Friends,

Apologies for last email, had some difficulties.


You Will Love This

I have been asking you to pray for shade for the children and for us. God answered your prayers in the sweetest way. We set up our stage under a giant tree that sheltered us and the children with its shade. The funny part is that the tree was being worshipped as a god. It was decorated with flowers and paint. Today, the one true God redeemed the pretender and used His creation for His purposes.

The children and the teachers loved the program. Again, the teachers gathered to talk with me. They asked what I thought was the most important teaching for us to give the children.This was an awesome question that lead sweetly to a great discussion about Jesus. All of these ladies were wearing temple marks on their foreheads, but today God began to open their hearts to the truth. God is so good!

Dev, Arpan, and Dipendra

Dev is our driver. He is 19 years old,Hindu, and married with a little boy. He was so excited about what he heard about Jesus that he brought his friend Arpan to hear what he had heard. We gave them both New Testaments and Dev was so interested in what he was reading that he could not stop reading. So, he shared his new book with another friend, Dipendra. Today, he joined our group to see what Dev and Arpan were so excited about. This is great! Soon, we will need a bus.

Over lunch, we had a wonderful conversation with all 3 young men. I told them that they were here by the one true God’s plan. Tik drew the cliff illustration that I had taught him to explain the Gospel. They asked great questions. Please pray for Dev, Arpan, and Dipendra to ask Jesus to be their Savior.

It is not an easy thing for a Hindu to follow Jesus. When our friend Tik trusted in Jesus, his father disowned him. For 4 years, he was not welcome in their home or alive in their eyes. You must pray with us for these young men.
Two Shows
Our last 2 shows today were at public Hindu schools, just like in the morning. This is amazing! These schools are huge and everyone comes. Ask the Father to hold open these doors.
The Teachers and The Children

At every program, we are blessed to tell so many children about Jesus. Hundreds of children crowd into such small spaces. Our first program yesterday was very special because we had an especially sweet time with 400 children, but their teachers were also open to the Gospel.

Often, the teachers smile at me until I mention Jesus, and then they make the most awful faces. These ladies were different. They never made faces at me.

After we finished, Tik Ram and I had a long and wonderful conversation with them. They asked all kinds of questions. As usual, they wanted to know about my husband. I never tire of telling people about the great love story that the Lord gave us, that Hcan give them. I always think that Mike is in heaven sharing my joy as I talk about God’s kindness to us. It was so sweet to tell these dear ladies about Jesus Christ. As I was sharing, I thought about how all of this life is about the life that is to come.

I told the ladies that I did not understand why Mike died as he did, but that I trusted God to always care for both of us. The Father was clearly speaking to the ladies and they thanked me several times for sharing my life with them. All were Hindu so please pray that they will trust in Jesus. From our conversations, I could see that they understood how Jesus could meet their needs and answer their questions. Please also pray for the children to trust in Jesus.

Orphans, Bible Students, Training and Sam

We finished our time yesterday doing a program for a large orphanage. So many found a father as God became their Father.

A Bible college had their students attend our program. We spent 2 hours beginning to train these young people who will become members of our new puppet ministry team in Nepal. We had so much fun!

All these things gave me great joy, but my greatest delight yesterday and today was watching Sam Shaw. The children loved his juggling and the adults were equally blessed by his teaching. It was the most fun seeing the Lord bless so many through this fine man. Please pray for Sam on this trip and continue to pray for he and his wife as they serve in Ireland.

In Jesus,

Linda for the team