Dearest Friends,

Three Shows

Today was especially hot. Sometimes we had shade and sometimes we did not, but all day were blessed. Two of our shows were at Hindu public schools and one was at a Korean run orphanage. We are finding that people are very open to the stories of Jesus. We are very clear in presenting God’s great rescue plan, but most are eager to listen. Over a thousand children listened to the Gospel today. Please pray for all of them to reject their false gods and trust in the one true God. The Father knows their names. Each is precious to Him!

Life Is Hard…Life Is Different

I want you to see what we see. Life is hard for the people of Nepal. This is one of the poorest countries in the world. Most people make less that 70 Rupees a day which is about a dollar. The average life expectancy is 56.

Many people do not have adequate medical care. Though the polio vaccine is available many children do not receive it. If a person is in a rural hilly area his friends may carry him for days to see a doctor. Malnutrition is a big problem. Some children simply do not grow up.

Nepal has great water resources, but people struggle to have access to good water. Simple things like bathing are a challenge for many in some cities. We crossed a large river yesterday named Narayani. It is actually 9 rivers that come together. Fifty years ago, India bought the water rights to this river. They still have it for another 50 years. All power here is hydroelectric, but they cannot use this river’s water. The government promises that soon they will only be without power 11 hours a day. They do not believe that this will happen.

Most people walk. It costs 30 rupees for one person to ride in a rickshaw and so most people walk or ride bicycles. Some have scooters and few their own car or truck. Diesel is 5 dollars a gallon and gas is more expensive. If you want to travel 20 miles; it could take you 4 hours. The roads are very bad or non-existent in some parts of the country.

Many people ride on buses. They sit on the top or ride on the bumpers. They pack the inside until people are hanging out of the windows. Some ride in carts and there are elephant rides for the tourists. Even amidst all these problems Nepal is blessed.

The land is rich. Corn really does grow here taller than an elephant’s ear. They grow lots of rice as it’s the staple for their diet. I have found the people of Nepal to be very creative in solving problems related to their daily lives.

Some of the jobs that I see many people doing every day, amaze me. I see people carrying loads on their backs or balanced on bicycles that are impressive. Though the people have very little, they are warm and friendly. The children are always happy to see us.

Life is very hard but there is also a strong sense of community. As always, there are lessons you can learn in poverty that riches cannot teach you. These dear people desperately need the truth of Jesus Christ. Their greatest need despite all these problems that I have described is still the cross. Please pray for us as we finish our last days in Nepal.

In Jesus,

Linda for the team