Dearest Friends,

Every day we are so blessed, so challenged, so motivated to try harder. We stand in the dark and pray for God to make us light to these precious children. We beg the Father to make us good teachers for our Nepali friends who will assume responsibility for this ministry very soon. Please enjoy the following list of blessings. Rejoice in what the Lord has done and is doing in Nepal.


1. Today, we were blessed to hear many children calling on Jesus loudly and with enthusiasm. This is always my favorite sound!
2. Today, one of the men who is helping us boldly used one of the tools we brought, a rope trick, to share with the children at a show. He is a quiet man and leaned hard on God his Father to have the confidence to do this. I smiled the entire time he shared.
3. Every day, the driver’s friend Arpan comes with us. He has become a faithful helper. Pray for his salvation!
4. I received a special gift today from our driver Dev. He has so little, but he wanted to thank me. He bought me a beautiful white scarf with many colored stripes in it. I treasure this gift. Pray for his salvation!
5. Each day, I see children thrilled by Sam’s testimony and his juggling. He is a joy to watch.
6. I am blessed to look into the eyes of so many children and tell them about the Father’s love.
7. Today I saw many elephants. They are amazing! The other day I saw a mongoose run across the road, but I haven’t seen a rhino yet.
8. Rice paddies are so green and beautiful. The Himalayas in the distance are amazing. God’s creation is a constant blessing.
9. Red is the favourite color of ladies in Nepal. When I look down the street and see all the ladies, it looks like a sea of red flowers.
10. Digan, Subhas and Poskar are 3 little boys who came to a puppet show. They asked Jesus to be their Savior. Pray for them!
Please pray for our last days in Nepal! Ask the Father to give us strength to finish our race with joy. We start our journey home on Tuesday the 10th and will arrive home on the 11th. We still have many things to finish teaching, You still have much to pray about!

In Jesus,

Linda for the team