Dearest. Friends,

Please. Note that I am typing this on my phone. Please forgive any mistakes.

Truth and Lies

Increasing, we are working in areas that our enemy has held with terrible lies for too much of recorded history. Hinduism is called" the world’s oldest living religion" This is an ironic description since it is a faith that leads to death not life.Buddhism predates the birth of Christ and teaches its followers to do no evil. How is such a goal possible unless your heart is changed?

It is said that"Buddhism and Yoga are sister traditions that evolved in the same spiritual culture of ancient India".Presently, Sam and I are in Delhi waiting over 8 hours for a flight to Frankfurt,Germany. The reality is that you can not get to or from Kathmandu fast.

In this airport,an enormous wall running the length of one part of the airport is devted to a display of mundras. These are expressive hand gestures that are a big part of yoga. It is claimed here by yogi enthusiasts that they aid in spiritual and mental well being.Eight foot tall hands are mounted on the wall with a statement explaining their meaning.

One is described as" a sign of blessing or greeting that denotes protection. Or reassurance" . They say that this is a promise that you are safe. The sign advices,"Be fearless. I am here to shield you from all harm.". Truly, only God the Father and theLord Jesus. Christ can make and fulfill such a promise. Our enemy takes truth and twists it.

So many belive these lies. Nepal is full of people from the west who reject true light and seek a false enlightenment. Now, perhaps you can better understand the darkness that blights peoples lives in Nepal.

Children grow up worshipping creation and not the Creator. Many Hi.dus plant a sacred bush in a pot in their front yard. I have been told that many will not even have a drink of water in the morning until they worship this bush.

Buddhists spin brass prayer wheels in the belief that it will speed their prayers. Where?…to the feet of a dead man. Our Savior lives and pleads for us before the Father.

Sam and I have had the great joy of telling children" the way,the truth,and the life" that is Jesus Christ. Please pray for the precious children of Nepal to be delivered from darkness into God’s wonderful Light!

IN Jesus, Linda.for the Nepal Team