Dearest Friends,

This email was due to be sent yesterday, not today Monday.

Mother’s Day

Today in America it is Mother’s Day, but once again I am far from home. God gave me the sweetest day! Though I could not be with my sons and their wives, I enjoyed Sam’s company. I love him like a son.

If I was at home, I would enjoy sweet cards, flowers, and a lovely meal. God was very kind to me and gave me all of these things in Nepal. Sam gave me a lovely card and children at one school showered us with little bouquets of flowers. I even had red flowers for my hair. A Korean orphanage director invited us to his home where his wife prepared a feast. How amazing!

All of these things may seem small, but they gave my heart both comfort and joy. Some days I long for my husband and ache to have time with my family, but God’s blessings are so sweet.

We shared Jesus with over 1400 children today at 3 schools. Who gets such a privilege! Sunday is just one of 6 school days, not a day of worship. Many of the students begin class at 6 AM to beat the heat and are done by 10. Our day started very early and gave us great joy! I had a terrific Mother’sDay!

The Landless People

We climbed into the Chirri Mountains and went to a school for very poor children. They are a group called the landless people as they build small shacks on land they do not own. The children welcomed us with flowers and placed 2 large brass urns at the doorway of the principal’s office. This is a traditional Hindu welcome for important guests. We are not important but were honored to bring them the news of the one true God. A sea of children with dirty faces, torn clothes and deep black eyes stared at me. Hold these precious ones before the throne! They were so happy to hear the stories of Jesus. Pray that they will put their trust in Him!

Big Trees and Hard Times

Under the shade of many big trees, we did another show for hundreds of children. None of the teachers were happy to have us there and managed the children in such a way as to make our time with them difficult. This was a private Hindu school and I honestly don’t know why they allowed us to come except that God alone opened the door. Still, we told them clearly about God’s plan for them. Most of these children had not ever heard the Gospel. Pray!

On The Roof

The children listened wonderfully well even though many were in the sun. Our greatest delight at this program was a whole group of people that climbed up on the roof of a nearby home so that they could see. How sweet!

Side of the Road

After we finished our day, we stopped beside the road at a little place to eat. I will never be able to describe it to those of you who live in the west. Suffice it say, that as I stepped over bits of animal fur and was greeted by smells that are never at places to eat, I realized that we were not there for the food. God had another plan.

Sure enough, a crowd of children and adults quickly gathered. Being from Ireland and America, people could easily tell that we were visitors. Providentially, I had Sam’s clubs, balloons, and other ministry tools in my purse. Okay, my purse is the size of a carry on piece of luggage, but weighs more.

We had a precious time sharing about creation, salvation, and hope while we waited for our food. Our table was under a tree which was full of crows. They were doing what crows do, so a little boy climbed up in the tree and scared them away. He stayed there during our entire meal.

I don’t remember much about the food, but I remembert he looks on the ladies and boys faces when I told them that they are a treasure to the one true God.


We will start our journey home on Monday by travelling to Kathmandu. On Tuesday, we take the first of 3 flights that will bring us to the US on May 11th. Hold us in your prayers!

In Jesus,

Linda for Sam, Tik Ram, and our Nepal Team