Dearest Friends,
We are safely in Peru and happy to report to you that all of our luggage arrived with us. In a few minutes, we are leaving Chosica which is near Lima, and we will travel to Huancayo.  This town is located high in the mountains. To reach there, we will need to travel a road which at its highest point is 5,000 feet. They tell me that I might get to see snow today!
We will be working with the Quechua children. Please hold them in your prayers and ask God to call many of them to deep faith. Already we have realized that we are not in Georgia anymore. Today, we enjoyed purple corn juice for lunch and everyone is excited about eating Guiena pig soon.
I am especially excited about this trip and eager to see what God is going to do.
In Jesus,
Linda for Jacob, Susan, Billy, Mykayla, and Heather