Dearest Friends,
Puppets In The Andes
Today we went to three shows out in villages. The children were so excited to see the puppets. They listened very well to the stories. They loved watching Jacob juggle his shoes and Billy was a terrific translator. Many of the children prayed out loud, asking Jesus to be their Savior.
We all loved today! How amazing to set up our program in a school yard with the Andes mountains looming behind us! 
We are working with friends from Runa Sumi. They are giving all of the children picture story books full of Bible stories. As soon as the children received them, they stopped and started to read. Many have parents who cannot read, so we expect the children will share with their parents.
Pray for us as we plan to share at three more schools tomorrow. The children are so precious! They have beautiful dark hair and big dark eyes. Many have sunburned cheeks. I ache for them to know Jesus, to walk in His love. Pray!
In Jesus,
Linda for Jacob, Susan, Billy, Heather, Mykayla, and Pablo