Dearest Friends,
Fernando is a 10 year old Quechua Indian boy with dark hair and dark eyes. He came to a show that we did at a school high in a remote village. We were in a valley surrounded on all sides by the Andes. The mountains were beautiful, but the children captured my heart.
They were extremely talkative and if you had been there, you might have thought that no one was listening. However, all of the children on the front 2 rows were following everything I did. Fernando was one of these children.
After the program, Fernando came and spoke to us. He had asked Jesus to rescue him, to be his Savior. Please pray for him to grow deep in his faith. He took home a Bible story book in Quechua that will help him, Pray!
We spent almost 8 hours yesterday, 4 stories up, on top of a roof. You might be surprised to know that we were training a puppet team. We could have crowded into a small office, stacked high with boxes. Given our choices, the roof was a perfect place.
All of us are sunburned despite using sunscreen. As the new Huancayo team practiced, we had an incredible view of the city. We were on top of one of the  highest buildings. We only had one problem. I believe that the best place  to teach juggling is not on a rooftop. Enough said. The new team is very eager to learn. Please hold them in your prayers as we practice more tonight and return to the schools tomorrow.
In Jesus,
Linda for Billy, Susan, Jacob, Heather, and, Mykayla