Dearest Friends,
The Principal
When we finished our first show, I was a little discouraged. The children had listened well, but were not very responsive to the puppets, or the story. We could not drive to this school, so we had carried the equipment a good distance.
As we were walking away, the principal chased after us. She had rosy cheeks and wore a black hat with a big bow. All Quechua ladies wear hats. Only Mykayla and I were left, but she can speak Spanish and translate. The lady was so excited! She told us that this program was for her. The principal had asked Jesus to be her Savior. She kept saying, "Yo estoy feliz." This translates, "I am so happy." I started to cry. Please pray for this dear lady as she is in a special place to touch many children. Ask the Father to make her a bright light.
Last night, Pablo, Rafael, Javier, and I were arrested. It was a big misunderstanding. A little boy had watched us eat our dinner . He was very hungry. As I have done countless times in countless places, I decided to buy him a meal, and tell him about Jesus. He could not accept our offer because his parents would not let him come home until he sold all of his gum. This is a common problem.
I bought the last of his gum and Rafael took him to get food. The police stopped him, thinking that we meant the child harm, and all of us went to jail. Recently, they had had some little boys disappear and that is why they were concerned.
We talked with may police officers. God used our webpage to help me prove who I was, but also to share with the police. One lady really listened. I shared Mike’s testimony with her. I believe that she was why we went to jail. All of us were calm because we knew God had a plan.
The little boy, Luis was given a good meal and the police released us. The major even asked if we could schedule a puppet show for some of the children that they work with. God blessed this time. Keep praying! You never know how your prayers are touching the children of Peru and keeping us safe.
In Jesus,
Linda for Billy, Jacob, Susan, Heather, Pablo, and Mykayla