If you read our previous emails, you will remember that Luis is the boy that Pablo, friends and I tried to feed. We were arrested as the police questioned our motives. From the first time that I saw this little boy as he watched us eat, I was drawn to him. Even after we were taken to jail, I still wanted to see this little boy. God answered our prayers in the sweetest ways. I did see him twice more and each time, he greeted me with the biggest smile. Billy helped me  and I shared with him about the love of Jesus. We were able to place in his hands a small Bible story book in Quechua and a handwritten message in Spanish about how to know Jesus. We were not sure what lanuage he needed.
When I had to say goodbye to him yesterday, I was so sad. Please turn my saddness to joy by remembering Luis in your prayers. I told him that even if I did not see him again in this life, I would see him in heaven if he put his trust in Jesus. He seemed hungry for more than food and I do expect to see him again. Please pray for Luis!
There really is only one word to describe the incredible time that we had in the mountains on Tuesday……AWESOME!!!! We drove over 2 hours to a height of over 12,500 feet to reach children and young people at 2 schools. At that altitude, even the strong young men on our team were struggling. Things that you could normally lift without a problem, suddenly seem heavier. Doing the puppets and telling a story required all of us to focus. The Father blessed our efforts and kindly poured His spirit on all we did. The result was that many children prayed out loud, asking Jesus to rescue them. More, dozens of teenagers prayed out loud in an unexpected response to the Gospel. Praise God!
Our Peruvian friends were as amazed as we were. In both places, I told the story of Joseph, but changed the presentation slightly to make it better for each age group. This was also a good teaching opportunity for us as were working with our new team. Everyone enjoyed the program so much and responded with such enthuiasm that we all decided that yesterday was our favorite day so far!
This is the name of our new Quechua puppet team in Huancayo. In Spanish, their name is "el que da alegria con amor".  So, their name means "the one who gives joy with love" puppet team. Quechua and Spanish are both such beautiful lanuages! This team is very excited and has a good vision for ministry. Please hold them in your prayers!

We are back in Chosica and plan to begin work in several very poor areas. Please pray for Raphael as he is arranging our schedule. Please pray for us to do our very best as we share with the children.
In Jesus, Linda for Heather, Mykayla, Billy, Jacob and Susan