Tonight, Friday, July 1st, we begin our journey home. Please pray for safe travel and no flight delays. We will not arrive in Atlanta until 11:30 AM Saturday morning. I am sharing a mission report at a church Sunday morning and we have a show at a church Sunday night, so we really need to get home.
Please know that we finished our time in Peru with joy! Today, we shared at a home for children with mental and physical disabilities. Many would say that they could not understand and urge us not to bother. They would be so wrong! The children followed the story of Jesus beautifully. When Jesus did a miracle, they started clapping. I think that they are smarter than the rest of us. When is the last time you got excited about something that Jesus did?
A little girl at that place sang us a song to thank us. She sang about the marvelous love of God. She is blind, but she can see clearly that God loves her. In all the ways that count, she sees better than many young people and adults that I talk with while traveling or at home. She understands that she needs God!
Our last show was at a school where we had a huge crowd of children aged 7 to 15. They listened so well that I was amazed. I knew that it was God’s spirit moving in their lives. Some prayed in soft whispers and put  their trust in Jesus. Others came and told us after the program that they had also prayed. I also had an incredible conversation with the Director of the school. It was for us a beautiful ending… for others a beautiful beginning. God is gracious! 
Please pray us safely home and continue to pray for the children of Peru.
In Jesus,Linda for Jacob, Susan, Billy, Heather, and Mykayla