Yesterday afternoon, we returned to La Era. It is a place of great poverty and brokenness. It is a terrible place to be a child, but a beautiful place to share God’s great rescue plan. We had a lot of trouble getting there. No one wanted to take us. Finally, we found a man who would take us, but the charge was 48 dollars. I believe that the money was well spent. If I was a child living in a place like that, I would want someone to spend whatever it took to tell me about Jesus.
When we arrived, we set up in the same dirt field. Again, we moved all of the benches from the little church. Then we announced the show on the PA and waited for God to answer our prayers. It is winter here and yesterday was very cold. A cloud had begun to settle on the mountain and the mist made everything feel damp. I wondered if the children would come. God answered our prayers. We could see them running down the hills where their small tent homes stood. Some of the children came back from the other day. They hugged me and thanked us for coming back.
Many of the children were dirty and most were cold. I gave my jacket to a boy wearing only a t-shirt. We could have used boxes of coats. The children were so happy and grateful for the balloon dogs that we gave them. The Father packed every bench and some stood watching. More, in soft whispers, some came to faith.
Keep these children in your prayers! Do not forget them!
In Jesus, Linda for Jacob, Susan, Mykayla, Heather and Billy