Dearest Friends,
Today was a wonderful day! We did three shows for hundreds and hundreds of children and heard many praying in soft whispers, asking Jesus to be their Savior. Most of the children really enjoyed the show, and clapped enthusiastically. Some even cheered!
However, we did have one seven year old boy, who tried to shoot me with a bow and arrow with a suction cup on the end. He also heckled all of the team members as they shared their testimonies. I am telling you about this little boy because some of the things he said really concerned me. He told us that God had never changed him. I believe that God caused us to really notice this little boy so that we could all pray for him. He sounded angry with God and seemed very unhappy. Please ask God to show this little boy that He is the one true God. Please ask God to show this little boy that He can take care of all of his problems.
Many of the children that we were with today are from broken homes. At one place, we were told that 84% of the children lived with either one parent or in foster care. Many had experiences that you would not want for a child. This particular group of children was very receptive to the message of God’s great rescue plan. They had so many problems in their lives that they realized that they needed a Savior.
Paige’s heart was touched by a little girl. The little one was very thankful for the program and gave Paige a bottle of water. Paige told her that was exactly what she needed and the little girl smiled a beautiful smile.
We are all tired, a bit sick from the heat and very happy. Please pray for the two shows that we have tomorrow and continue to pray for an opportunity on Wednesday to do a show.
Please continue to hold us in your prayers.
In Jesus, Linda for, Heather, Mykayla, Paige, Seth, Daniel and Jared