Dearest Friends,
One day in the Smokey Mountains, we did 2 programs for hundreds of children. We had the best time and the children’s laughter proved that they had really enjoyed themselves. We heard lots of praise from those that matter the most to us. When children cheer for you, it is the best!
At one place, we heard children praying in soft whispers! At another place, a sweet little girl named Anna bravely began to pray alone. She was loud enough that God used her faith to give other children courage. Before long, many children had joined her. God used a little child to lead other children. Please hold all of these children in your prayers.
We were busy in the mountains and saw many children put their trust in Jesus. Praise God! We also were blessed to share at Hills Creek Church on Wednesday night. God answered your prayers. It was located deep in the mountains. The people were sweet and welcoming. They were generous in their encouragement and support. Many signed up to pray for us. All of us left that place very blessed! Please continue to pray for all who heard the Gospel and all those little ones who put their trust in Jesus this week.
Sometimes, the children were so funny in their responses to the program. When Jared announced that he had the best story book even written, one little boy told his friend that it must be Grimm’s Fairy Tales.  When the Bible was opened and real fire erupted from it, a little boy asked me the funniest question. He wanted to know if it was the Old or New Testament. I’m not sure why that matters.
Another little boy saw our new gypsy puppet and shouted “She’s hot!” Everyone and I mean everyone, claps for Elmo when he appears in our new skit. The children love Seth’s box trick and are amazed by his testimony. Even the teenagers clap for him! Children hug us, thank us and make us feel rich. No one has more fun than we do! God is good to us!
We have been so blessed by those who hosted us, as well as many other friends of the puppet ministry. Two friends treated the team to 2 incredible trips down a mountain river on tubes. We had the best time! I especially enjoyed the rides we were given on fast go-carts, even though the young people lapped me 4 times.
Another friend treated us to a Broadway style musical show about Joseph. We loved it and got many good ideas that sparked our creativity. Two other friends treated us to a great dinner at their restaurant. Everyone was so kind to the team and I am very blessed by our friend’s thoughtfulness.
The young people that are traveling with me seemed so surprised that people wanted to do all of these nice things for them. I rejoice in the team’s gratitude and humility!
Presently, we are in Baltimore, Maryland. I have just driven all day, so please forgive me if I finish my report tomorrow on the last week of ministry. There is so much more to tell!
Please begin to pray for this place and the work we will do here. Ask the Father to pour His spirit on all we do. We want to be a blessing.
In Jesus, Linda for Heather, Mykayla, Paige, Seth, Daniel and Jared