Dearest Friends,
Shennai and Terrence are two little children we met yesterday at a puppet show in inner city Balitimore. Terrence asked Jesus to be his Savior. Many other children prayed in soft whispers, asking Jesus to be their King. Praise God!
However, there were too many children like Shennai. This little girl came to see me after the puppet show. She told me that she had not prayed with us but she did promise to remember what she had heard today. I rejoice for all the children who came to faith, but my heart breaks for all those little ones who still walk alone. Please pray for Shennai and Terrence and all the children that they represent.
The other day we did a show in Virginia. Seventy children listened with wonder and delight to everything that we did. It was one of those shows where we really enjoyed watching the response of the children. As I was finishing the story of Joseph and was talking with them about God’s forgiveness, God began to pour His spirit on the children. All through the crowd, children started raising their hands. Normally I would not stop a story, but I knew that God wanted me to hear them. This is what they said. “My Daddy hits my Mommy.” “My Mommy and my Daddy fight all the time.” “Everybody yells at my house.” “My first Daddy hit me.” “My Mommy and my Daddy hit me.” It was all that I could do not to cry when I heard what the children were saying. However, I knew that they did not need my tears. They needed a real answer for their pain.
I told them that God knows that they are hurting. I said, “God sees you, He cares about your pain and He will help you to get through it.” I talked with them about God’s great love for them and how He would never leave them alone. Little heads began to nod. Hope was born. You see, they do not expect the bad things to go away, they are just looking for a way through the hurt. They want to survive. I want them to grow up and comfort others with the comfort that Jesus gives them. I want to see them walk in forgiveness so that they will not live the lives their parents have lived! Faithfully, hold them in your prayers!
There is no sweeter sound than a child praying and asking God to be his or her Father and Jesus to be his or her Savior. Yesterday, a few children began to pray. Their voices gave others courage and before long, the sounds of their prayers filled the room. I learn from the children. I want to live a life that gives others courage. How can you give someone courage?
We have dear friends who own a Chick-Fil-A and they have Kingdom eyes. Each year, we go to their restaurant, set up inside, and share with families. We did 3 shows last night (a total of 5 yesterday) and had the sweetest time. A man from Egypt watched all 3 shows. He has seen Muslims attacking and killing believers and personally experienced persecution. However, he asked me again and again to tell them about Jesus. He begged me to continue and especially to keep working in the Middle East. He told me stories of your brothers and sisters who are dying for their faith. He asked me to pray and tell others. Please do not ignore his heartfelt request.
We have doors to work in the Middle East, but we will need your prayers and help to get us there.
As I think about my friends who own the restaurant, I am excited to see how they use their resources to impact the world for Christ. How can you and I use what God has given us to touch people for Jesus Christ?
In Jesus, Linda for Heather, Mykayla, Paige, Seth, Daniel and Jared