We are in Northern Ireland, but we are headed south. Today, Friday, we begin our great adventure traveling through 5 cities in Ireland with our friends in Reality, an Irish band. More, our French Director, Anna, will join us with one of her puppeteers. Other friends from Ireland and Northern Ireland will also be ith us. All of these shows are on the streets. Please pray for extra wisdom as we will have some interesting responses from some people in the crowd. We want to always respond in Jesus’ love no matter what they do. We must be light. There is an ocean of equipment to move all the time. Please pray for strength. We expect to have joy as we love this work!
Today , we will travel to the Rose Festival in Tralee. Ten thousand people attend this beauty pagent that draws people from everywhere. We will be on the streets tonight. Please pray against the rain. Tomorrow , we will be on the street again. However, tomorrow night, we are on the main stage at their request. This is a wonder! I remember when we had to beg for a spot on the street.
I am still trying to finish all of the stories from our travels this summer. In the Adirondack Mountains of New York, we met a young man at a camp. He said, "My soul is like a frisbee. Jesus is bunk (a lie, no good)." Then, he went over to a group of teenagers that had joined our show for the children. He said,"You do not have to listen to this trash. Let’s go." They all got up and followed him. Please pray for this young man to come to deep faith and make a big difference for the kingdom.
I am thinking of this young man today because I am headed to Ireland. We meet many people on the streets who have his same attitude. They are sure that Jesus is a waste of time. They have moved far past Jesus in their thinking.  They are so lost and so empty. Please ask God to call many to faith.  Do not forget this young man.  I believe that God showed him to us so that we could remember to pray for him. 
In Jesus, Linda for Billy, Sam, Sil, Seth, Meg, Anna, Padraig, Mykayla, Reality, and many more