Dearest Friends,
We are at the Rose of Tralee Festival in Ireland. Each afternoon and evening, we set up on the street in front of a very funny sign. It promises that dragons and giants will cross the road at that place on a certain day. Unfortunately, we will be some where else by then.
However, we are seeing bigger wonders than giants or dragons. Hundreds and hundreds of people have gathered on the streets for each set of shows. People are asking questions, seeking to understand God and His plan.
 All around us, it is a giant party. There is a circus, street performers, stalls selling all kinds of food, and booths offering things from all over the world. Sometimes, we have to stop for passing parades or to let beauty pageant contestants walk past. Overhead the streets are decorated with flashing lights. We all enjoyed the fireworks last night. Again, we are at a big party. Yet, in the midst of all this activity , people stop and listen.
Why would they choose the Gospel when they left home with another plan? It is only God’s spirit that draws them! So many came and they stood and listened with such hunger in their eyes.
Our hearts broke as we watched many parents drag the children away from the program. Always, they would turn and look back for as long as they could possibly hear. Please pray for the parents to stop taking the children away when they hear the name of Jesus.
Pray for these dear people. Some wear their brokenness openly as they stumble down the streets, too drunk to know where they are. Others look lovely, but are no less broken. God is bringing them all to the streets of Tralee. Pray with passion! We need wisdom and discernment as we meet so many who do not know Jesus.
This morning in worship, the pastor said, “Don’t let the world and work make you dead.” It is a privilege to know the love of God and to share it. He challenged us to tell people, to show people, God’s precious love.
Pastor John has just returned from a trip to India. One day, he spoke to a group of 25 widows. In their culture, they were expected to throw themselves on their husband’s funeral pyre. People expected them to burn themselves alive and since they would not do that, they have become non-existent to everyone. This includes their own families. When the pastor told them that God loved them, he said that you could see them begin to listen. When they heard that they were of value to God, a spark came into their eyes.
The big lesson for the widows of India is our big lesson. God’s love is a precious gift to each one of us. Please pray for us as we seek to tell the children of Ireland that they are precious to God the Father. Please pray for the band as they are singing His praises.
In Jesus, Linda for Billy, Meg, Seth, Sil, Sam, Anna, Padraig, Mykayla,Colette, and Reality