Dearest Friends,
A New Adventure
We are on our way to the middle east today, February 10th. We are so excited and overjoyed that the Father would give us this opportunity again. Please hold us in your prayers and ask the Father to make us a bright light for Him. As always, pray for the details of the trip. Pray that all the luggage will arrive with us, with no damage. Always ask for people to show us mercy and kindness as we travel.Pray especially for the children who will attend the programs. A committment to Christ in the Middle East is for many a much more difficult decision than we face in the west. Praise God for all that He will do!
TYPING…For the book
I was very blessed by the response of many of you who offered to help type. I will need all of you, but first we must solve a problem. The book is handwritten, so I think that you will need to come to me. I realize that this may be a hardship for some. For me it would be a blessing as I have plenty of room and would love to have you spend the night. If anyone can think of another way to make this easier for people to type, please let me know. If you are willing, please write me and we will set dates. Thankyou!
Can I Visit You?
If you are interested in having your church or a group of friends hear more about how God is calling the children of the world to faith, please contact me by responding to this email. I have some openings in the spring.
In Jesus,Linda for Jared and Anna