Dear Friends,
We have arrived safely in the Middle East with all our luggage. We enjoyed an amazing meal and a wonderful time of fellowship tonight. At dinner we received some prayer requests that we want to share with you.
This is not an easy place to work and we need your prayers. We have four opportunities for ministry where the people in charge are still making a decision. They are in Muslim villages where most have never heard the true story of Jesus Christ ever in their lives. Please ask God to open these doors.
Please pray for the new house church that we will be visiting tomorrow night, which is located in a Muslim area. Please ask the Father to make us an encouragement to the believers there. They have been doing lots of mercy ministry among refugees from a nearby country. The believers are anxious to learn new skills so they can effectively reach the Muslim villages for Christ.
Please pray for wisdom in answering the questions that believers are getting from the Muslims about the issue of having one wife.  It is not uncommon for a Muslim man to have two or three wives here. Our Pastor friend has been asked, “If I follow Jesus, what do I do about my other wives?”
Finally, please ask God to call many children to faith.
In Jesus,
Linda for Jared and Anna