Dearest Friends,
We finished today by doing three shows at a French Marionite school. Members of our new team were working with us. We had total freedom to share with the children and most of them were from Muslim homes. I have been told that the Muslim families often have 8 or 10 children, so they have many children to educate and they crowd into the private schools. This is wonderful for us because we have no limitations on how we share.
 At our first show, we all prayed together, but by the end of that program, we realized that we needed to devote ourselves to prayer. The first show was good, but the second and third shows blessed each one of us beyond measure.
As the children listened to the second show, we all sensed a difference in the room. We could feel our Father’s spirit filling the place. I was not surprised that we heard lots of children praying. I knew the Father was calling many to Himself The teachers were as delighted as the children.
All of us asked the Lord to give us a big finish to our last program here in the Middle East. God abundantly answered our prayers. Over 200 teenagers filled the room. Perhaps, you are thinking what they probably though. “Puppets will not work with teenagers.” The father showed us His great power. They hung on ever word. In all the year that I have been telling the story of Chief Masketpatoon, I have never seen teenagers clap for the Chief when he chooses not to kill his worst enemy. They also thanked us with the biggest applause and lots of whistling. Many thanked us after the program. More came to faith.
Truly, the Lord has blessed our time in the Middle East!
On a funny note… One of the teachers told one of our friends, “That lady is a saint. Some day you will hear about her.” My friend explained to her the Bible verses that state we all become saints when we become believers (Romans 1:7, Romans 12:13, Romans 8:27, 2 Corinthians 9:12, Ephesians 1:18). She had no experience with the normal Christian commitment she witnessed in our team. Though she is among those who claim to know Jesus, she had no real knowledge of the scriptures. She was not listening today, but you can continue to pray for her. Also, please hold all of the young people and children at this school in your prayers. They told us that they want us to come again and will be waiting. As I told the team today, “We have seen the power of the living God.”
I love working in thus place and I enjoy the differences in our cultures.
1.          I love the food here, but I did eat one thing that was a real challenge. You take a piece of flat bread and put a piece of raw liver inside. Add a piece of fat, some onion and fresh mint. I suggest that you pray before you try to eat it.
2.          One of my favorite dishes is grape leaves stuffed with rice and meat. They call it warak enab. At the least, that is how it sounded to me.
3.          Muslim women here generally do not let any hair show. They wrap their entire head. It is different than wearing a burka, though I have seen many of those.
4.          Breakfast is delicious. We enjoy flat bread with cheese and zatar.
5.          When someone marries, it is tradition for the bride to put a piece of dough over the doorway. It is a sign of blessing.
Late tonight, Wednesday, we are headed to the airport and will fly to Germany early Thursday morning. Anna will return to France where she serves as the French director. Jared and I will fly to Atlanta, where he will get on another plane and head for New York. Please pray us safely home!
In Jesus,
Linda for
Anna and Jared