Dearest Friends,
We spent today in the capital city, having arrived here very late last night. Early this morning,  we did a show for several hundred children. It is always sweet when they love the program and they did. However, it is even sweeter when you hear so many children calling on Jesus. We had a fantastic morning!

There are children on the streets of this city that no one claims. They have no legal status so it is not possible to adopt them. Legally, they do not exist. Some of the children are obviously from other countries, but no one wants them. Most do not know where they came from. 
Some of these children end up living in an orphanage that we visited today. They are not educated and their future is bleak. At 15 or 16, they usually leave the home. They become thieves or prostitutes or beggars. A new director has just come to this place. He is a good man who has already made good changes in just one month. Please pray for him. Ask God to give him wisdom so that he can solve many problems. 
I wish that you could have looked into their eyes as I did today. Some were hanging on every word. Some called on Jesus in soft whispers asking Him to rescue them. So many of them came to me and said thank you. Our hearts are full. These children need a rescue. Will you pray for them?
Tomorrow, Tuesday, we return to the north and will finish our time in the mountains. Please ask the Father to bless these last two days. Ask Him to help us make wise choices in how we spend these last hours.
In Jesus, 
Linda for
   Anna and Jared