Dearest Friends,

1200 Children
We traveled 2 hours over very interesting roads to reach a remote area. There were so many children that we had to do 3 shows to get all of them into the space for the program. Over 80% of the children were Hindu, but since we were at a Christian school, we could share with them freely. We could not hear any of the children praying in the first group and only some in soft whispers in the second. It surprised all of us when the oldest students,the teenagers prayed loudly. We never know how the Father will move. Pray for these new believers. There are Christian men at this school who will help them grow.

Please pray for us as it is very hot here. The work is a joy, but the travel to places is exhausting. The food is a big problem for me, but always God takes care of us.

We had 5 programs yesterday and were in the car from 8AM to 10Pm. The days are long and sweet, full of more stories than I can write. God is so sweet!

In Jesus, Linda for Sam and our Indian team