Dearest Friends,

God Knows…God Cares

We did a program at an orphanage for the little boys. It is a miserable place, but they are working to make it better. Still, as I was with the children, I felt the Father urging me to speak about courage. If I lived in such a difficult place, I would need God’s courage to walk through each day.

I wanted them to know that God knows how they hurt. I wanted them to hear how much God cares for them so that they could have hope. Please pray for these boys. Please ask the Lord to help them remember the 3 stories of courage that they heard. Life is hard for these boys… Jesus is their only hope.

For myself, I will remember their smiles. It is a treasure to have a child smile at you who is hurting so much. I put a pirate had on one little boy and made him a balloon sword. I told him to look mean and scary as we acted out a certain part of the story. He was so happy to wear the hat, to hold the sword, to hear someone speak kindly to him and hug him…. all he could so was smile. He made a terrible pirate, but he loved it. I close my eyes at night and I see his smile.

Thank you for sending me and giving me such a sweet privilege.

A Hard Choice

We always bring with us extra equipment so that we can help individual students with their vision for reaching their children with the sweet story of Jesus. Here at Rehoboth, I had 30 something students and I could only help one. I chose a young woman who is going to an area in India where there are precious few believers. She has a heart to go to a village and begin a work with children where none believe. She won my heart. Pray for Manai from Tripura.

India has 28 states and we have now placed teams in 3 different Bible schools in 3 different states. Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Jharkand. Each set of equipment costs over $3000 and we must continue to resupply certain items that are not available in India. You can see how difficult a choice we face. You can see how big this job is, so please pray.

India is one of the youngest nations in the world with 53% of its population under 20. It is a huge country, spiritually dark. Pray for all of our students. They stand as a small light surrounded by a sea of children who live in the dark.

In Jesus,

Linda for
Sam and our Indian Team