Dearest Friends,

What Did You Do Today?

I do not know how you spent Monday, but I can tell you that Sam and I watched God pour out His Spirit today. We did 2 programs at 2 schools today and heard hundreds of children calling on Jesus to rescue them. Praise God!

Most of these children were Hindu. In fact, one of the schools was not even Christian, but Hindu. I can not explain how such amazing things can happen except to say that we serve a living God. Many of these children and teachers would have been listening to the wonderful story of Jesus for the first time. What a sweet privilege the Father gives us!

Pray for all the children and teachers who heard God’s story today. Ask the Lord to grow His love in their hearts.

Just For Fun

Today, I saw 7 adults riding on the front of a tractor through town. The tractor was decorated for its visit to the big city with a purple tinsel garland. It made me smile.


Tomorrow night, Tuesday, at 11PM, we begin our drive to the airport. Sam and I will arrive in Atlanta Wednesday February 29, late in the day. Please pray us “safe home.”

We have shows scheduled at schools tomorrow and one more chapel at 7PM with the ACA students. Pray for our remaining ministry in India.

In Jesus,

Linda for