Dearest Friends,

The Village of Thotagiri

I have been working in India a long time. Six years ago, we first visited the village where we did a program this afternoon. It remains a dark place whose people suffer from drug and alcohol abuse. Many of the families are broken and hurting. After the show, I spent some time with a group of ladies, trying to encourage them to keep praying for their husbands who are difficult, unbelieving men.

However, as we have visited this place over the years I have seen God do some sweet things. There is a strong, small group of believers in that place. A lady teaches 40 children in Sunday School every week. This afternoon, many children prayed out loud with us, asking Jesus to rescue them.

God is faithful! Pray for Thotagiri!

Happy Harthal!

Our friends at Rehoboth, Phyllis Treasure and Sara Simpson, have the sweetest attitude toward unexpected change. A teacher’s picnic had been planned for Saturday, but late Friday night, a strike was called in support of a local man who was protesting the use of a toll road. A strike means that all of the roads will be blocked. Stores and schools will close.

For us, it meant an abundance of chicken that had been ordered for the picnic.We were blessed! Our friends just smiled and sweetly adjusted their plans. I thought of how often at home I wrongly allow small changes to become big problems. I am always challenged to walk with more grace by these dear ladies. They care for a huge orphanage full of little girls, teenage girls, and even toddlers. Because of Phyllis and Sara’s faithfulness, these children live in the Light! Continue to hold them in your prayers!

Just for Fun

In Kerala, they speak Malayalam. We are changing languages constantly Marapatti is a funny sounding Malayalam word to me. Literally, it translates “tree dogs.” You might have “tree dogs” at your house. I do. They are possums and they live in the roof space at the orphanage, Rehoboth, where we stayed in Thrissurr.

In Jesus,

Linda for