Dearest Friends,

We are in Nigeria! All of the equipment arrived with us. That is always a praise report!

Already we have had experiences that made us smile. A Nigerian man boarded the plane wearing a bright blue striped bath robe! The tag was still on it. A customs official at the Lagos airport thought that Mykayla was 14 (she is 20) and asked me to give her to him for a wife. I explained his mistake and told him that only God the Father could give permission. That seemed to silence him.

We stayed tonight in a Nigerian home. They gave us their beds, ran the generator so that we could have a fan, and cooked for us. Then, they told us it was their honor to have us in their home. No, it is our privilege to meet these brothers and sisters. They walk humbly with God and have been so dear. They even filled up the bucket for us so we could take a bath… a little different than home.

Please hold us in your prayers as we drive four hours to a rural area today to begin our work. I was happy to hear that the goat who had big curly horns and lives outside our door is not coming. He is very messy!

In Jesus,