Dearest Friends,

Perserverance and Patience

This is our first trip to Nigeria and so our first program was a great adventure. Our friends are so enthuiastic about this work and have plans to take this ministry all over Nigeria, but it is all new to them. All of us have much to learn. The schools are open to them and they are very excited.
We had transportation issues this morning. Some of our friends were late and one began to get frustrated. As I watched their struggle, I remembered a time in Cameroon when I became very impatient with a brother who made us late and we missed telling hundreds of children about Jesus. I saw my own sin in the way they responded to the situation. As always, God changed our hearts, gave us grace, and we had a great day!


The following three shows were incredible! Already, we are becoming a good Nigerian and American puppet team. Everyone is eager to learn. All of us were so delighted as the children clapped at one program when Jesus clamed the storm. They prayed even louder, asking Jesus to rescue them.
One of the schools sang and danced for us as a special welcome. I felt like dancing when I heard them praying! A mother asked me to hold her baby and bless him. So, I prayed for him, asking God to make him a great man of God. His name is Courageous.
At the last school of the day, the children were so eager to pray, that they started to pray in English. They could not wait to trust Jesus!

New Names

Heather is using her middle name, Rose, because no one could say her name. Mykayla had the same problem and is using her middle name too. She is Grace. The Nigerians call me MaMa Linda. Only Paige’s name remains unchanged. Everywhere we go, people yell, "Oyinbo", white person. We are an oddity here and so very blessed.

Hold us in your prayers. We have four more shows tomorrow!

In Jesus,
Linda for Paige, Rose, and Grace