Dearest Friends,

Three Fantastic Shows

I need to find a new way to say that we are blessed. Each day is so incredible. The children are amazing and the work is going very well. At the first show, the children welcomed us with a song and dance. They carried plumes and wore traditional clothes. When we heard the words to the song translated, we all laughed. It said, "You are a white person, you will last a long time." Many parents also attended this program. So many children put their trust in Jesus and even some of the adults prayed.

Our second and third shows were in a village. The children got so excited that they danced with the puppets. So many trusted in Jesus. When I asked Heather, Mykayla, and Paige what they liked best, they said "Everything." I have to agree.

Please pray for clouds, but not rain. It was much hotter today without a cloud cover. Please ask the Lord to send cool breezes for the children as they stand in the full sun almost every show. The way they listen shows their hunger for God’s love and Jesus’ hope.

In Jesus,
Linda for Paige, Mykayla, and Heather