Dearest Friends,

God’s Gifts

Each program we do for the children is a special blessing. At one program, many children gathered on the other side of the wall of the school to listen. They could not see, but they were desperate to hear. One little girl came to a show with three black marks on each cheek. Her tribal religion required these marks for their goddess. Even though the false god marked her face, I pray the one true God owns her heart. They have a thrunder god, a water god, and a rain god. I do not know which one she worshipped, but I know that many children put their trust in Jesus at that show. I hope she was one of them.
Two of our four programs today were with children in a remote village. They were so happy we came and the children listened intently, loudly calling on Jesus to rescue them. One of the school principals came and thanked me as we finished the program. He said, "You bring Jesus." Praise God! May it always be said of all of us that we bring Jesus!

We are Grateful

It is hot here and there is often no electricty, but being a little uncomfortable is a good thing. You become grateful for small blessings that you would have ignored. A slice of watermelon or an orange is an especially delicious treat. When the power comes on, the fan is really appreciated. I always teach teams that the mark of a true believer is gratitude. Ask the Father to keep us grateful! Each day, we find our strength in God. He is faithful!

Funny Things….Different Things

My friend Grace has a concrete slab in her yard to attract snails. She says that they are delicious fried.

Church names are very different here and long. Today I saw the "Acts of Apostles International Incoporated located on Cannan land Holy Groud." All of these words wre on the sign. Another sign read, "I am the Church of God-Joyful Home to Heaven."

They eat swallow here. It is like a stiff dough make from Casaba that you roll into a dry soup. You make it into balls and eat it.

Hold us daily before the throne!

In Jesus,
Linda for Paige, Heather, and Mykayla or if you are in Nigeria, Mama Linda, Paige, Rose, and Grace