Dearest friends,

Today we heard hundreds of children put their trust in Jesus! Along the way we met a Nigerian tribal queen. We traveled to a famous area, Idanre, where people come from all over the world to climb the sheer faces of the mountains. Our friend was quick to show me their wonders, bur surprised when I told him the area’s true beauty was sitting in front of me. I told him to look at the children.

Many of the children today had some terrible scars on their arms, legs, and faces. When I asked about the reason, I was told that they were not cared for well. Laws exist to protect children, but they are not enforced. I take real comfort in the knowledge that they left the shows today comforted by Jesus. Their lives will probably not change, but they have Jesus.

We are exhausted, heading home at 9 at night to repair equipment. We are happy beyond the normal understanding of the word. We have joy. Pray for these children. They need Jesus! Many will have no one else to really care for them.

Please pray for strength. We have much work to do that matters to many children… all of whom I hope to greet in Heaven someday. They will not be hungry or hurt or hot or sick… just loved.

In Jesus,
Linda for all of us