Dearest Friends,

You will find this email hard to read. The situation here for children is very bad in the church. Most Christians here do not believe that a child can come to faith. I spent today telling hundreds and hundreds of children about Jesus. I saw them respond to the power of Jesus’ love for them. I also spent today taking big sticks away from Sunday School teachers. My friends here tell me that they have seen people teaching children in the church use a bullwhip. Children in church are hit with teachers’ fists. Today, I rebuked a pastor who send his church children out in 94 degrees of full sun while the adults sat inside with the fans.

The people that we are working with are amazing… They stand against their own culture to see the children and be their defense. We are in a battle that must be won. We are standing every day in a difficult place, seeking to be light in the dark.

Please ask the Lord to make us a shelter for the children. Please ask God to call the children to Himself. True safety is found in knowing Jesus.

In Jesus,
Linda for the team.