Dearest Friends,

Please forgive me for not giving you a detailed report on today, but the truth is we are just very tired. We find that the heat here takes our strength, even the young people feel it. I do want you to know that God is doing incredible things here in Burkina Faso. We feel the power of your prayers. The people we are working with are devoted to reaching the children here for Jesus Christ. Our two ministries are a very good match for each other.

Today, We shared with hundreds and hundreds of children. Always, we see the extreme poverty and we see the hunger in the children’s eyes. Many people here live on a dollar a day, but that is not enough for them to feed their families or to have medical care. In the midst of all this pain and suffering, we have hope. We heard so many children today put their trust in Jesus. Hundreds and hundreds of children sat in the dirt today to listen to Bible stories and testimonies. Please pray for them. Please ask God to provide for their physical needs and to give them big faith.

Tomorrow, we have four shows including one in a refugee camp. Thursday is a school holiday here, but we will be visiting children’s clubs during the day. Please pray for these programs. Please stay on your knees so we can stand in the darkness.

In Jesus,
Linda for Seth, Paige, and Heather