Dearest Friends,

The Straw House

Today we did a show under a straw shelter. It was just poles and straw mats…very loosely attached. The wind was blowing and sometimes the dust made it hard for the children to see. Everything was covered in dust. Our skin changed color.

Nothing discouraged the children from coming and listening. Lots of parents came and one older lady was crying during the prayer. Many children prayed out loud, but 3 Moslem girls told our friend Kate that they had put their trust in Jesus. Praise God!

The children were wearing rags. They had nothing, but in their poverty, they wanted to give to us. A little boy broke his tiny piece of bread into four pieces and gave a bit to Heather, Seth, and I. When a hungry child gives you food, you want to weep. I immediately thought of all the Father has given me. How do I use what I have? How do you use what you have been given? This little child can lead all of us.

Sticks and Rubber Hose

We have had only one experience in the schools where we saw any teachers using sticks. I have a new stick and a large rubber hose. The wonderful news is that Joel and I spoke with the headmaster and one of the teachers. They both agreed to stop the behavior and tell the other teachers to stop. Praise God!

Not Just For Children

Yesterday, a lady was walking past the gate of the place where we did our afternoon show. She saw the puppets and asked if she could come in. She listened to the entire program and then spoke to our pastor friend. She said, "I prayed today. I felt my burdens fall away." That is exactly what Jesus does for us.


We had 2 village shows that were very precious. Everything we do at these programs is amazing to the children. They stare and smile even as we assemble the stage.

Today, a dust storm, blowing dirt from North Africa, hit just minutes after we finished. A rain storm forced us to move the show inside a tiny church, whose building was about the size of a large American kitchen. Over 140 children crowded into that small space with us and the stage.

At both shows, we heard many children praying out loud and calling on Jesus to save them. God is very kind to us!

In Jesus,
Linda for Seth, Paige, and Heather