Dearest Friends,

The Flood

In 2009, there was a terrible flood in parts of Ouagadougou. In certain parts of the city, the water level rose to 6 feet. Most people’s homes were made of mud bricks and they just dissolved in the water. People’s entire lives washed away.

The government relocated all of the flood victims to an area 30 minutes outside of town. We went to that place today. We drove on a paved road until it ended, then followed a dirt road, and finally we just drove across dry field. As far as you could see, there was just an endless field of tiny little mud brick houses. Many had not been finished. I was so surprised to see more than 100 children and adults waiting on us. I wondered where they had come from.

The people in this place had become accustomed to being given everything. Now, they are struggling to discover how to live normally again, to be givers.

I love children. I never see little ones that do not make me smile. I was very sad for these children who live in a world that is only brown. I wonder what they thought of all the colors they saw today. I wonder what they will think about when they close their eyes tonight.

I pray that they remember that Jesus loves them. I told them today that God sees them, knows their names, and cares about their problems. Please pray with me that these are their last thoughts as they close their eyes. So many trusted in Jesus today. Pray that the Father will give them big faith.

In Jesus,
Linda for Seth, Paige, and Heather