Dearest Friends,


Tonight our hearts are full! We spent hours today training Sunday School teachers, giving them ideas on how to effectively teach children when you have no resources. Many of our friends admitted that they struggled to read the Bible daily. Many also said that they had never read the entire Bible. I challenged them that they could not teach a book that they had not read. I wondered what answers I would have gotten in America. We demonstrated a short program for them and a little boy who was watching us prayed to receive Christ. The team played with him while I talked and heard him tell his little brother what he had heard.

One young man said that you had to be 14 before you could ask Jesus to be your Savior. I am sure that he was not alone as this is a common false teaching around the world. I asked him to show me where that was written in God’s word.

I found the Sunday School teachers to be very teachable, eager to do a better job! They work in extremely difficult places but remain faithful. Please pray for them to hold onto all the ideas that we gave them today. Please pray for the children they serve.


This afternoon we shared with 200 children that the Sunday School teachers helped to gather for an outreach. So many trusted in Jesus! Praise God! I noticed how badly most of the children were dressed. Several only wore underwear. Always, everywhere, there is poverty. Always, everywhere, Jesus gives hope.

The Kouromba

We received an amazing report from our friends working with this unreached people group. This is a totally Muslim community, but tonight 200 people publically professed Christ as Savior! Keep praying! Tomorrow, they will be in 2 villages where there is no Christian witness.

More on Rachel

Today, I also visited briefly with Rachel who got down on her knees and prayed to receive Christ with the team on Saturday. She was so happy to see Heidi and I. She said something amazing. She said, "I was lost, but now am found." Heidi and I are arranging to get her a Bible. She gave me a necklace and some other small gifts as a thank you present. I was so touched by her kindness.Keep her in your prayers.

In Jesus,
Linda for Seth, Paige, and Heather