Dearest Friends,

Happy Birthday Joel!

Today was Joel’s 37th birthday. Let me tell you how we celebrated. In 3 shows we shared with over 1,500 children and heard hundreds of children calling on Jesus. It was a wonderful day! What an incredible birthday!

It was also a demanding day physically as we struggled with the heat and the absence of all teachers from one of our shows. Imagine turning 1,000 very poorly behaved children loose with only the 8 of us to organize them. We were praying with enthusiasm. Our second show was very difficult, but I was determined to tell those children about Jesus.

We finished the day in a village with children who stared in wonder at the puppets. They were so quiet and listened so intently. Though they presented a sharp contrast to our second show, I treasure each opportunity God gives us.

Keep praying! It’s very hard for the children here. My heart breaks for them.

In Jesus,
Linda for Seth, Paige, and Heather