Dearest Friends,

Presently we are still in Burkina Faso, but hopeful that we will leave tonight. Our flights have been changed and now we are going to Belgium, New York, and then Atlanta. We are still having problems with the last part of our flight from New York to Atlanta. The girls have boarding passes, but Seth and I do not and they are refusing to issue them. Please pray that the Lord will solve this problem for Seth and I when we reach Brussels. Thank you for all of your prayers.

All of us understand that these delays are planned by God our Father for a purpose. We trust that there is someone on the airplane or in one of the airports that we are suppose to talk to about Jesus. However, we are very tired and so we ask you to pray for us to see God’s plan.

By God’s grace we have shared with more than 10,000 children here in Burkina Faso and heard hundreds and hundreds pray to receive Christ. God has opened doors for us to share with many Muslims and those who practice tribal religions. Seth met a man the other day that told him that he had made himself bullet proof. He was asking the guard at the bank to shoot him so that he could demonstrate his power. You met many people here who have no real understand of who God is and who Jesus is. Please continue to pray for the Hayslips as they are serving children in a difficult place. Please pray us safely home.

In Jesus,
Linda for Seth, Paige, and Heather