Dearest Friends,


We finally arrived safely home from Burkina Faso late Wednesday night, July 3rd. We had a great adventure trying to get out of the country, but God did make a way. During our last hours at the airport, we entertained ourselves by killing bugs, 63 to be precise. We kept our sense of humor and laughed a lot.

Do you remember how we wrote that we knew God had delayed us for a reason? We expected the Father to give us opportunities to share and He was faithful. On the way home, I shared with a lady in the Brussels airport. A lady from Moldova who now lives in Romania sat beside me on the way to New York. Using a mixture of English, Russian, and French, I told her about God’s great love for her. Flying into Atlanta, I talked briefly with a young man about what we had seen God do in Africa.

However, the sweetest conversation took place coming out of Africa. The airplane was hot, so I was standing at the back of the airplane talking with an airline steward. Then our plane became stuck in Cameroon they had rerouted him. His family was vacationing in Uganda and he was very unhappy about leaving them.

I begin to share with him stories about working in Uganda and telling children there the story of Joseph. I suddenly realized that he did not know the story, so I shared it with him. When he heard how Joseph forgave his brothers, he was shocked. He said, “How could he forgive them?” I had a very sweet time telling him about Jesus and how anyone can forgive anyone anything when they have been forgiven by Jesus. He received the news of Jesus sacrifice on the cross with wonder. He was amazed. I am amazed at God!


Unexpectedly, two team members who were coming with me to Ireland cancelled their trip. This leaves me in a very difficult place as I now need an Irish team. Perhaps, you are reading these words and God is calling you to Ireland. I need you. Please reply to this email as we leave August 7th! Please pray about this need. I know God has an answer.


Already, we have left again and are presently working in the Smokey Mountains. Today, we told 150 children the story of David and Goliath and how God is big enough to solve any problem. Afterwards, many children told me that they had trusted in Jesus. Praise God! We also were treated to free Go-Cart rides. It poured while we were riding, but none of us cared. We had a great day! And yes, I rode the Go-Carts with the young people.

Please pray for us to keep our eyes on Jesus and to do a good job. We have seven shows in the next two and half days and we want to see many children come to Jesus.

In Jesus,
Linda for
Heather, Mykayla, Paige, Jared and Seth.